lessons learned in my third trimester

39 weeks today. it has been quite a ride—one that I can't say I was fully prepared for despite my attempts to "prepare" for pregnancy. In my mind, I thought exercising, eating healthy foods, meditating, and reading positive birth stories would be enough preparation. Never did I anticipate that what was required for me was … Continue reading lessons learned in my third trimester

lessons learned in my first trimester

It is hard to believe that Cameron and I are here, at this point of our lives, expecting a little one. We truly could not be more excited, and even as we experience such joy, we are also struck by the immense amount of responsibility and honor it is to hold the title of mom and dad. I always imagined that … Continue reading lessons learned in my first trimester

transforming surrender

Surrender, for many, can be a bad word, and to some, it feels a lot like failure, and failure is something NO one wants to experience, especially in today's world. A world where being busy and having control means being successful, and being successful leads to worldly riches, and worldly riches provides happiness. For so long, surrender to me meant giving up or even giving in to an opponent—it meant I failed. All of which, I … Continue reading transforming surrender