about me

Just a girl born and raised in Miami, Fla. But they say,  Home is where the Heart is..and so I have many homes–including Gainesville, Fla., Colorado, Havana..but on December 5, 2015, I made a vow to a wonderful, Southern man that “home is wherever he is”, and so today, we call Atlanta home.

I am Blessed. Loved. Free. And Delighted you’re here.

Every day, I do all I can to be the best me I can be. Some days I don’t and some days I do. But I always try.

I am inspiried by Photography. Music. Education. Art. Dance. Culture. Food.

I am inspired by people and their stories. And at the end of the day, I am a sucker for love. A sucker for a good story-teller. I learn from watching people, and exploring their way of life.

I am encouraged by Empowering Women. Respectful Men. Fearless Children. Wise Grandparents.

I find tranquility in the chaos and I hear the loud Voice in the silent places.

I love Chaotic Cities. Rushing Rivers. Overwhelming Mountains.

This isn’t a blog just about my life…

Here you will meet people, places and things  that not only move me, but that move our world–to share the things that inspire me.


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