Los Grogans Manifesto

I couple of months ago, I came across a company’s manifesto in a magazine, and I thought how special if Cameron and I came up with a family manifesto for our home. So together, Cameron and I wrote up a manifesto. I know that as we build a home and grow our family, our manifesto will evolve and change, but for now, this is our manifesto.


We believe in early mornings together drinking a hot cup of coffee. We believe in sweating together and often. We believe in breathing in all of God’s creation. We believe in welcoming all into our home and creating a space that feels comfortable and safe. We believe that the only way to use our gifts and blessings is by offering it in service for the One who provided it. We believe in our community and doing what we can to uplift it.  We believe in the power of prayer and will honor others when we say we will pray. We believe in laughter shared with family and friends. We believe in loving and caring for others well. We believe in giving a voice for the voiceless. We believe in the celebration and stillness of Shabbat. We believe in shared experiences that will deepen our connection. We believe in nurturing and strengthening our mind, body and spirit. We know that freedom really comes when we let go of the self.  We believe in each other and in each other’s dreams. We believe that when we are our truest selves we are a better picture of our Creator, and that together we are far greater. We believe in cultivating a life of meaning and purpose. We believe that when life gives you ashes, God creates a crown of beauty (Isaiah 61). We believe that life lessons are sometimes painful, but there is always a space for grace to grow. 

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