my thing, their thing, our thing

It’s been hot here in Atlanta, realllll hot, as I am sure it is in the rest of the country. And though it is quite unbearable at times, I will always pick these hot summer days over the cold, dark winter days. Summer is my season.

I love the sun beating on my back during runs. I love walking outside for 30 minutes but feeling like I just ran a half marathon. I love that it doesn’t get dark until 8:45pm. I love the festivals and the farmer’s markets and all the summer radio hits. All of it. I love all of it.

I realize though, not every one prefers hot summer days like these. I know that there are actually some that prefer layering up for those cold winter days. There are those that actually thrive in the snow. And though I don’t understand it, I’m thankful for it. Cause after all, isn’t that what makes the world go roundthat everyone has their things.

I think of my friends and my family and how they each have their thing, and while it may not be my thing, I love so much that it is their thing. I often look at others and notice what they are passionate about and what they live for. Often times, it’s not my thing and even sometimes, I don’t fully understand it, but I truly (usually) commend it.

I haven’t always though. Sometimes I’d look to people and not quite understand why they’d choose (for enjoyment) to go camping (for more than one night), or why they didn’t care about this one political issue as much as I did. In fact, I thought every one had to believe and think the way I did. If not, they were crazy! But what would life be, if we all had the same way of thinking, if we all believed the same, if we all had the same passionshow boring life would be. But now, I am learning and loving that we all have our thingsand thank God. But there is one thing though that we should ALL make our thing and that’s loving and caring for others well, and to connect to as many (different) people as we possibly can.

I enjoy sharing what I love with others, I love to tell people about the journey that I am on and what is important to me, and though I hope they listen and affirm me in my way of thinking and my way of living, I, more than anything, hope they share with me what they love and what makes their heart sing…

2 thoughts on “my thing, their thing, our thing

  1. Such good timing!! Totally been struggling with this after being with the kids and seeing their habits.

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