the sun always shines after the rain

A few months back, I experienced the best day of my life…my wedding day.

I know, I know–super cliché, but what can I say, it’s true. But not because everything was magical and perfect or because the flowers were beautiful, or even because it was a heck of a great party–though it was all those things, that is not why it was the best day of my life.

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During my nine months of engagement, I buried myself in wedding magazines, sat in front of my computer looking at wedding blog after wedding blog, even watched hours and hours of “Say Yes to the Dress”. I had convinced myself I knew what would make a perfect wedding.

See, leading up to my wedding day, I thought it was the vintage stamps used on my wedding invitations,

or the bistro lights under the whimsical sailcloth tent,

or even having an outdoor wedding with an avocado grove backdrop, that would make my day beautiful.

But now, here I am, six months later and I realize none of those things, though wonderful, made my wedding beautiful.

What made it so beautiful was that almost nothing went as planned. What made it so special was that though that area experienced the most rain it had seen in a while, the vendors worked relentlessly to make it as special as if it was their own daughter’s wedding.

Oh, and if you think I am being a typical girl and exaggerating about the amount of rain, read this article.  And I quote,”Five days into the month on Saturday, Miami had received enough rainfall for December to rank as the third “wettest” in history with a total 7.67 inches, the National Weather Service reported.”

Did I mention my wedding day was December 5th, or also known as the third “wettest” day in Miami’s history?

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So then, if my wedding was nothing like those I had seen in all the wedding magazines or on all the wedding blogs, where did I see the beauty in it?

I saw it in the joy and celebration of the people that surrounded us, I saw it in the eyes of my soon-to-be husband, I heard it in the words of our officiant, I saw it in each of our vendors taking on the storm with us. And I even saw it in my mother’s labor of love as she cleaned my mud-covered wedding dress  with a toothbrush, soap and water for three days straight.

That is what makes a wedding beautiful–the sacrifice, the joy, the love of your soon to be groom and the people–whether it be your friends and family or your wedding vendors.

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I thought I had prepared myself for this rain–the moment the 10-day weather report became available and I saw the forecast, I was ready to welcome the rain with open arms. I was prepared to embrace the challenges it would bring.

After all, I knew that rain is what makes the harvest grow–and it is rain that feeds it–that feeds us and helps us grow.Though rain is uncomfortable and can certainly be messy–it is a source of nourishment.

Mentally, I thought I was ready, but what I wasn’t ready for was the lesson this storm would teach me six months later. And quite frankly, I also didn’t think it would rain THAT much. But because the storm was heavier and much more than I had anticipated, everything I had gained from that day was that much sweeter.

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Like my wedding day, life is full of storms. We can’t predict when or how long they will last. And though we can’t control them, we can control what we do in the storm.

We can either stay inside in fear and hope it passes or we can embrace it–all of it.

We can go outside and get wet and dirty and uncomfortable, and though it is scary, it is temporary. And the best part is if you stay out in the storm long enough, you will see the sun peak through the clouds and you will sit in the glory of the sun  Son.

He will rain reign.

Even if we are scared sometimes, it is worth jumping out into the rain, and even if life doesn’t go as planned, there is still beauty in the unexpected or in the messiness of life.

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And like my wedding day, if we embrace the storm with the ones we love and lean on them to bring us comfort and encouragement, if we sacrifice the things of this world, if we choose joy even in the  midst of the storm, then you will be able to look back with great pride and joy–knowing you have come out of the storm better than you were before.

Nothing rings more true than this quote…

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain.”

or in my case,  learn how to marry in the rain. Actually better yet, to be merry in the rain.

And as my officiant so perfectly said right before he introduced us as husband and wife, “may His blessings over you RAIN!”

Oh, they rained on us alright, they rained…

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To view our video trailer, click the link below:

Grogan Wedding Trailer

A BIG thank you to my mom and dad who made this day possible–this day was your day too, and I will never be able to repay you for any of it,

to my MOH,  who had the best MOH speech in history and made us all laugh and cry all at the same time,

to my bridesmaids who loved on me so well and who came around me to pray and provide peace and comfort,

to my brother who told me to “not worry because everything is beautiful” when I let fear in,

to the rest of my family and friends who loved and supported us and embraced the storm, and didn’t let it stop you from celebrating with us,

and to all my vendors, you made me feel like family, and that is all any bride could ask for…

Venue: The Gabino Family at Estancia Culinaria

Wedding Planner: Jessica and Michael Masi at JCG Events

Photography and Videography: Ben & Bekah Hood at Kallima Photography and Austin Berry

Florist: Julia Rohde Designs

Caterer: Mena Catering

Makeup: Tami Donaldson at Hey Gorgoues Makeup

Music & Entertainment: Rock With U Entertainment


2 thoughts on “the sun always shines after the rain

  1. The day was perfect and I love seeing it through your eyes. Thank you for sharing the story with us.
    I love you,

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