growing pains

Some say it is a myth—that it’s all in the mind.

But what if it’s not. What if our muscles and our bones are growing and stretching out, in order to do what they are made to do—to reach their optimum. What if our muscles have to go through a little pain to reach their potential?

Would you go through the pain?

Now, what if life were sort of like our muscles—what if we had to experience a little a lot of pain to be the best us we can be, to have the best life we can have.

Would you go through the pain?

Or relationships. What if I told you relationships were like growing pains? What if I said, you will shed many tears and have numerous tough conversations but that it will lead you to the best love you will ever have.

Would you go through the pain?

I don’t know about you, but I would.

The pain is worth it. The tears are worth it. The hard conversations are worth it.

So yes, I will. I choose to go through the growing pains with grace, with love, with forgiveness, with humbleness, with kindness, with gentleness, and with faithfulness.

We stretch and mature and grow so that we arrive at the place, that holy place, that we were made for in the first place.

And at the end, you will have everlasting love. You will be the greatest you. You will have grown.

And the pain, well…

You will have forgotten about the pain.

Because the sun [Son] always shines after the pain rain.


For Cameron

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