unlikely friendships

There is this thing that He does that I just love.

This thing that He does just to surprise you.

It is sort of like when He sends a Miami girl to the coldest place in Colorado for a year or like when He sends the Public Relations major to be a High School Spanish teacher.

It is things like that when you know He is working on something.

something greater than any of us even know—orchestrating a story that though may feel odd, has purpose and beauty.

It is those unlikely places and those unlikely relationships that I see God the most. Though He is always there, I seem to find Him when I least expect to.

like when I see Him…

in the eyes of my friend Bekah

in the people of Nicaragua that live in poverty and filth

in the conversations I have with students

in the hospital room of my grandmother

in all these places, I see Him. I feel Him. I sense Him.

An unlikely friendship has manifested in the last couple of months, and I like to think it is an authentic and lasting friendship—his name is Dr. G, but the kids call him “G”.

He is a good, ole country boy—who is gentle, kind, compassionate, warm—sort of like Jesus. He is a vet and a teacher—and I like to think that he is also a healer and a messenger of God. He loves his students well, and he has put me under that same care.

He knows the unlikeness of our friendship, and embraces it still.

A few weeks ago, when I was scared and afraid, he assured me, “You are too wild, too young, too crazy” (to be sick).

So I sent him some words, “…you always come see me and bless me when I am in need of that encouragement.”

And these are what followed:

E-mail #1: God asked me when I was 8 yrs. old to take care of His animals for Him. I consider young people to be in that category. I told Him that I would, and veterinarians do seem to have a different sense of things. They are used to watching life.

E-mail #2: I am still with you….I hope you make the most of your trip there—and be sure to come back.

E-mail #3: It is an unlikely friendship, but God sent me to you for both of our benefit. I put you into my heart today and will keep you there until I am over. You will be fine. G


An unlikely friendship indeed, but one I hold close to my heart. He shares truth and has blessed me in more ways than I think he even knows, and for that I am thankful for this unlikely friendship.




One thought on “unlikely friendships

  1. Your life is filled with “unlikely friendships” cause you give of yourself. I love you my daughter and thank Dr. G for his friendship of my daughter.

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