future Mr. and Mrs. Cordell

It’s funny how life can quickly change, and not just change but drastically change.

Just a year ago– We knew them as Jena Hicks and Kyle Cordell. Well soon, they will be Kyle and Jena Cordell.

I have grown to love these two as individuals and even more so as a couple. They couldn’t be any more different, and yet any more perfect for each other.

I know they say it only happens in fairy tales, but really they complete each other. Someone once said– a husband and wife should come together to make a better picture of Christ, and I can say Jena and Kyle do and will forever be an example of that.

Two of my most favorite people get to spend the rest of their lives together, and I get to be a part of it.

They give me hope–and for that, I thank them.

I love you guys.

3 thoughts on “future Mr. and Mrs. Cordell

  1. Dearest Gabi~

    What a beautiful artist and writer you are. Your pictures and your commentary have made this ordinary Sunday morning so special. We love you!

    Cathy and Rusty

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