I have a tendency to get really excited over certain things

like for example

after watching Prince William and now Princess Catherine say their “I Do’s”

I became fascinated with the idea of Royalty and the Monarchy

So I read and I read…

and I read some more

anything and everything about the Royal Family.

My dad always says DNA and genes are so powerful,

and I believe him, especially since he too, obsesses over certain things [all things]

I went on a journey through my own family history

trying to discover if we have Royalty of our own…

family myth has it that my great-grandmother, Himilce Esteve was a far off descendant of Queen Urraca of Leon and Castile

but it would be near impossible to prove, since Queen Urraca was born in the year 1079.

so I gave up the idea that I could possibly be a princess, but then I thought…

I already belong to a Royal Family.

We may not live in castles or wear tiaras. We may not be the head of a country.

We may not have the attention of the entire world

or have any one famous like Posh Spice, attend our weddings, unless you consider the future Mayor of Miami-Dade County [which I know, pretty impressive]

But what I do know about my family is that

they are incredible, and so this takes me back to my point about obsession

I have a HUGE obsession with my family.

Just the other day someone said we are 50% of our siblings

which first scared me [if you know my brother, you understand why I would be frightened]

but then it intrigued me.

The idea that we are all so interwoven.

All sharing DNA. Being a direct creation of our parents, grandparents, etc.

We share something that no one else in the world shares.

I have heard it said that there is no other love than the love for your child.

Time and time again, they’ve said you’ll understand once you are a parent.

Or how about blood runs thicker than water.

And I know I won’t completely understand the love of a parent until I am actually a mother…but let me just say

I have experienced that specific kind of love

because of the love I have for my baby cousin. and yes, she is still a baby in my eyes.

Don’t let these pictures fool you

she is still my baby.

She is my princess and I adore her.

So whether or not we are Royal? I say absolutely.

Because the love I share with my father and mother, my brother, my Beba, and the rest of my family is royal.

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